Discover the surroundings

Stroll along the pleasant Meuse riverside. Hastière is the greenest district of the Haute Meuse region.

Take some time to admire or even climb the magnificent rocks such as the Freyr rock climb (3 kilometres from the guesthouse). Find also the mysterious caves or cruises on the River Meuse. You can go down the River Lesse in Kayak (10km from the guesthouse) or take a stroll in the peaceful forest. You have the choice between a hilly bicycle trail or a flat route along the RAVeL (100 metres from the guesthouse), or even the famous draisine railbikes. See the middle-ages castles or worthy of Versailles. Pass your Saturday afternoon in the markets and flea-markets. Visit the Hastiere museum dedicated to rural, riverine and industrial life. Admire the natural parks and French gardens, roman church and classical music concerts. Try out some waterskiing, water sports (3 kilometres from guesthouse), fishing (50m from guesthouse), hunting and diving the Voldelée quarry. Watch the fireworks and lively beach in the summer. Anything is possible around Hastière-Par-Delà.


Annevoie Gardens

Cruises on the River Meuse

Cruise Dinant Evasion
Mosan cruises

Caves of Pont d'Arcole in Hastière

Caves of Pont d'Arcole in Hastière

Maredsous Abbey and Molignée Valley
Maredret Abbey
Molignée Valley

Brewery and Berr Tasting Trails

Bocq Brewery
Leffe Beer
Caracole Brasserie
Leffe Museum

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Kristien Hansebout for most of the outdoor photos
The previous owners of Au Plaisir, Rita and Anne (when B&B was called Point Rose), who gave us delightful photos of the interior, outside front view and the garden.

Photography and infographics were provided to us by the Biannual Condroz Photography Exposition (Marchin) and Editions sur la Banquise. We dearly thank you for your contributions.