Explore the world of Nellie Bly

Immerse yourself in the 1920’s with the famous American journalist onboard the luxury cruise liner. Find out how she got herself locked in her own cabin, as a “quarantine measure”. Help her get out before the boat leaves the port 1 hour later.

Designed, created and built by its owners, who are passionate about games, the fun activity is a one-of-a-kind experience.
- Well thought-out styling
- A narrative based on real-life events and people
- Period objects
- Non-linear game
- Game followed in real-time by the games master, ready to help you with additional clues where appropriate

What for? To go out!

Book your getaway game online
Please arrive 15 minutes in advance
You can enjoy the hour of fun with your spouse, a friend or with your family
Find clues and solve mysteries
Get out in time and celebrate the glory together

- Accessible for 2 to 5 players over 12 years old
- This room is not possible for people with reduced mobility (2nd floor without elevator) or pacemaker users

2 people


3 people


4 people


5 people


€5 reduction if you stay at our B&B

Receive €5 reduction if you sleep at our guesthouse!

Break that record!

Ludo from the Belgian RTL-TVi show, the “Grande Balade” got out in 47 minutes. Think you can do better? Raise the bar!

Free gift: Get a practical guide with tips from the best players this week

* indicates required

Increase your chance of getting out in time from the Escape Room

Win a bottle of sparkling wine for your team if you can get out in less than 47 minutes.

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We also organize free ‘murder parties’ for groups who reserve our 4 bedrooms (proper bedrooms and not Escape Rooms of course). These parties are available in English, French or Dutch. This free activity lasts around 2.5 hours. There is a mathematic element (code cracking) and a psychological side (reasoning, relationships between characters).
If you do not have as much time, we also offer an express version (1.25 to 1.5 hours) centered on reasoning and psychological profiling as well as relationships between the accused. We can even propose another variation of the murder party, recently adapted for “A à Z” on the television that continues ever since. You can also choose to combine 2 murder parties of your choice with a full 3-course meal with appetizers at the guesthouse B&B. Please contact us for more information. We will do what is needed to make your weekend a killing for your friends appreciation of you.


1I do not know how many we will be. Can I make a booking anyway?

You can book for the number of players that have already confirmed with you. If more players turn up on the day, they can pay the difference in price if you stay within the limit of 5 people per game/room at the same time.

2What if our group is larger than 5 ?

Our room can only hold 5 people at a time. You can also separate your group into subgroups. We have a waiting area for subgroups.

3If you come as only two, you will have to work even harder, it is true.

You can play even if you are only a group of 2. Remember that it will be more challenging, especially for a first time try. If you are not sure of your group size, reserve with the minimum group size you expect. On the day, if more attend, you can pay the difference but your group cannot be more than 5 people per room or game.

4How long in advance should I arrive ?

Try to arrive 15 minutes in advance for a briefing and so that you will be able to go to the toilet beforehand. Even if the game lasts 60 minutes maximum, allow yourself 90 minutes for the full experience. This includes arriving, getting prepared, getting out of the Escape room, being reviewed, and time to celebrate if you get out on time or also if your group breaks the record. If you get on time, you get a team photo. If you get out in record time, you also get a bottle of sparkling wine. If you cannot get out on time, our game master will take the time to explain what was missing in your quest of success. Then you can get outside to take the fresh air and beautiful landscapes of Hastière-Par-Delà.

5What can we do if we are a small team (colleagues, small to medium size enterprise) ?

Come along! Contact us for our midweek time slots. We can send you a detailed invoice and even elaborate a mix of alternative activities. This is our niche specialization at our B&B “Au Plaisir”. Some examples include a murder party, exploration trails (on foot or bicycle with or without motor assistance or moped), cooking classes, cruises, and cultural visits. We would be delighted to come up with a plan that will be best adapted to your teambuilding needs.

6Can we change or cancel our reservation?

You can change your booking up to 5 days before the arranged date. We can move the date according to availability or add extra players. Any extra players can pay on the day at arrival subject to availability of places. However any names or groups already confirmed who are absent on the day cannot be refunded.

7What if we arrive late ?

We cannot delay all the other groups after your group. That is why we must reduce your game time according to how late you arrive. However, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you cannot play or have access to the escape room. This is why we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes in advance.

8Is the game accessible to everyone ?

Our game is designed for 12 year olds and older. There are no major physical challenges. There are no frightening elements in this game. However as the game is located on the 2nd floor, you must be able to walk up 2 flights of stairs. We apologize that we could not install reduced mobility access due to building restrictions. We recommend that people with pacemakers do not take part because of large and powerful magnets in the room.

9Is it possible to stay in your B&B to make the most of our stay ?

Yes, of course. We would be delighted! Those who reserve a stay in Au Plaisir receive a 5€ reduction per person for our Escape Room. If you book a room more than 10 days in advance, we also prioritize your Escape Room reservation for the start of the evening. We cannot guarantee priority time slots of the Escape Room if you book your room and game at the last minute as this depends on availabilities of the game master and the Escape Room.

10What if I break something in the Escape Room ?

You break it, you bought it! We spent considerable time and energy to find and acquire original period objects from the 1920’s. Due to their age, these objects are fragile and must be handled with great care. We kindly ask to avoid applying any force on any objects in the Escape Room to prevent damage. If you have trouble opening a shut object, keep calm and use your fingers and patience to get there. There is no need to tear apart and destroy the escape room. If you fail to follow these fundamental rules, we may ask you to cover costs of any damages. We would prefer if this does not happen at all.

Terms and conditions

We owe them a lot!

Lily would like to thank: Marie, Etienne, Claude, Davina and Tom de Huisnummer 20, Kristien, Adrien, Manu, Geneviève, Donald, Ian, Marie-Julie, Gisèle, Paul-Felix, Yolande, Vivianne, Joëlle and her friends, Jo, Isa, Louis, Adèle and Aliénor, Corentin, Paul, Laura, Benny including all those who tested the Escape Rooms and helped us improve this crazy project even further. Some bargain-hunted, others decorated, tested, retested, drilled, typed, translated. Thank you Véronique Decleyre for your excellent illustration skills. Thank you also for the thoughtful person who thought of the idea to create our own Escape Room.

Escape Room

Kraaknet voor uw komst 


We can do it - POP UP


Lieve gasten,

Allereerst hopen we dat jullie in goede gezondheid zijn. Dit zijn uitzonderlijke en onzekere tijden voor iedereen.

Onze B&B moet gesloten blijven tot minstens 8 juni of later als het moet. Tot de virus buiten spel is gezet.

Wat staat er op het spel ? We hebben goed nagedacht hoe wij u gerust kunnen stellen en tegemoet kunnen komen, maar tegelijkertijd ook Au Plaisir als kleinschalig en onafhankelijk verblijf overeind kunnen houden.

Bijzondere omstandigheden vragen om uitzonderlijke flexibiliteit : daarom kan iedereen die bij ons reserveert (dus ook nieuwe reservaties) en niet zou kunnen komen omwille van de maatregelen rond Covid-19, de volledige reissom of het voorschot laten staan voor een andere datum. Deze som blijft TWEE jaar geldig, te rekenen vanaf de oorspronkelijke aankomstdatum. 

U kan nu al een datum vastleggen die alsnog verschoven kan worden, moest het nodig zijn. Zo heeft u een WE om naar uit te kijken. Een mooi vooruitzicht!

Eindelijk de kinderen en kleinkinderen terug zien en knuffelen in een plek niet te ver af, safe en secuur, dat u voor uw groepje kan afhuren en privatiseren. We zorgen voor de pret. We zijn toch de CluedoB&B die u zo goed kan verwennen, niet ?

Als erkende B&B ‘Wallonie Destination Qualité’ willen we jullie ook alvast gerust stellen dat we alle maatregelen en voorzorgsmaatregelen strict naleven, naar properheid en desinfectie toe, met de nodige professionele reinigingsproducten (door de overheid goedgekeurd en gebruikt in de ziekenhuizen). We hebben alvast een uitermate grondige poetsbeurt volgens de regels voorzien, door een pro van de poets. Alles zal dus uitermate kraaknet zijn !

Hastiere is ook een van de weinige gespaarde regio’s in Wallonie (we houden ons hart vast).

Ondertussen blijven wij aan het werk om onze B&B en de tuin te onderhouden en kijken we er naar uit om jullie weer met open armen te kunnen ontvangen!

Lily en Etienne


We zetten uw gezondheid niet op het spel - POP UP

La propreté et votre santé sont nos priorités

Chers hôtes,

Nous avons beaucoup réfléchi à la manière de vous rassurer et vous accueillir, tout en veillant à la pérennité d’Au Plaisir comme hébergement indépendant.

À circonstances exceptionnelles, des conditions exceptionnellement flexibles et souples.

Nous vous offrons la possibilité de réserver et de postposer votre venue sans frais à la date de votre choix. Tous les montants (acomptes ou totalité du prix du séjour) payés pour des séjours qui doivent être reportés en raison du Covid-19 restent valables pendant DEUX ans à compter de la date d’arrivée initiale. De quoi voir venir des jours meilleurs.

En tant que chambre d’hôtes officielle, reconnue « Wallonie Destination Qualité », nous respectons strictement toutes les mesures et précautions, en matière de propreté et de désinfection, avec les produits d’entretien professionnels, agréés, utilisés entre autres en milieu hospitalier. Nous effectuerons un nettoyage très minutieux selon les règles, effectué par une professionnelle du nettoyage. Archi net !


Privatisez notre B&B rien que pour vous et vos proches

Venez en famille, dans votre bulle changer d’air dans une maison d’hôtes accueillante, – qui plus est peut être privatisée rien que pour vous  -, pour profiter à fond de la nature et des 150 km de balades (à pied et plus encore à vélo…). De l’évasion pure proche.

En choisissant de privatisez nos lieux, vous bénéficierez d’une Murder Party offerte !

Au plaisir de vous accueillir et de vous choyer bientôt,

Lily et Etienne